How Disability Benefits Can Help You Care for Your Family

If you have a disability or injury, and are facedwith being out of work for an extended period of time, you are probably pretty worried about how you will care for your family. Something to consider is that family members may also qualify for disability benefits under your claim.

Who are disability benefits for?

In the US, the disability benefits program is orchestrated by the Social Security Administration (SSA). These benefits are available for those who have been injured inside or outside of work, or have a disability. The benefits through the SSA disability benefits program is meant for injuries or illnesses that will be lasting longer than one year or that are terminal and will inevitably result in death.

What family members may be eligible?

The family members that may be eligible to receive benefits under your claim may surprise you. The listincludes your child, spouse, divorced spouse, disabled children and even possibly your adult child. There are some guidelines for each.

  • Spouses who are eligible include those who are 62 years of age or older
  • Spouses who are caring for your child who is under 16 years old.
  • Spouses who are caring for your disabled child.
  • An unmarried child who is 18 or under. This can also include a grandchild, step child, or adopted child in some circumstances.
  • An unmarried child who is 19 and in elementary or secondary school on a full time basis
  • An unmarried child who is 18 or older and has a long term disability that arose before they were 22 years of age.

In the case of an unmarried child with a disability that occurred before they were 22, the disability must meet the same qualifications as an adult disability must for benefits. If you are divorced your ex may also qualify for support under your claim.

How much can my family receive?

Your family members who are eligible may receive a maximum of 50% of the amount of your benefits. The family as a whole, in most instances, cannot receive more than 150% to 180% of your total benefit amount. An item to note is that the amounts a divorced spouse receives under your claim do not count towards your family’s total.

The application process can be lengthy and hard to navigate. For this reason you may want to seek out the help of qualified professionals, such as those at Myler Disability. The staff will guide you through the application process and make the whole ordeal a little less stressful. They will help you gather the documents that you and your family need to support your application and will help you seek an amount that will aid you in supporting your family while you cannot work. When you are in a situation that could cause your family financial turmoil, on top of the stress you are feeling due to your injury or disability, it is incredibly important that you are aware of all support that your family can seek.

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Road to Recovery: 5 Steps to Putting Yourself on the Right Track

Overcoming an addiction is never an easy process, but you will feel a wonderful sense of freedom and accomplishment. Read on for tips to successfully begin the recovery process.

1. Analyze Your Relationship With Friends and Family

The first step is to analyze your relationships with others, and determine who might be bringing you down. Often these people include drinking buddies, drug dealers, or fellow users. Although it might be difficult, make every effort to remove them from your life. It will be much harder to end your addiction if you are surrounded by people who still live that lifestyle, and may try to encourage you to step back into it. Look for people who lift you up, and spend time with them. This will also help to keep you accountable, since they can help distract, and encourage you when you feel the cravings.

2. Get Into a Routine

The next tip for recovery is to start, and maintain a schedule, which helps give you structure. If you are used to feeding your addiction in the mornings, hit the gym, or go for a walk. If you used to always have a drink, or use drugs after work in the evenings, start an exercise regimen, or take up a new hobby. It is very important to create a list of healthy activities that you can engage in, instead of falling back into old habits. Once you keep up your routine for a few weeks, it will start to feel like second nature.

3. Write Down Your Goals

As your schedule becomes more familiar, the next step is to start identifying larger life goals. This helps you realize the purpose for your life, and what you want to include in your future. These goals might be career-related, or associated with family, and personal relationships. Write the goals down, and set smaller milestones that you can celebrate along the way. Determine how you can achieve the goals by creating plans for the next five, 10, and even 15 years of your life. This will help you understand the reasons for quitting your addiction, and make it feel worthwhile.

4. Improve the Connection

Step number four is to find spirituality, and adapt it into your life. This doesn’t mean you have to find religion, and start going to church. Steps of programs within the best recovery centers include getting involved in service groups, volunteering at animal shelters, or participating in charity work, which help you feel connected to your community. This ultimately gives you a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness with yourself.

5. Look on the Bright Side

The last tip is to accept that you will struggle with desires to relapse. Use these tools to avoid situations where it would be easy to slip, and don’t be too hard on yourself. You have made a wonderful decision to overcome your addiction, and praise yourself with positive reinforcement often.

As you start the process, try to support a bright outlook, and think of the future in which you will live free of addiction.

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Public Health: Ways to Prevent Violence

Violence is now seen as a public health problem, but this was not the case a mere 30 years ago. Many factors have contributed to recognizing and accepting that violence can be addressed from the perspective of public health. While in the beginning of the 20th century infectious diseases likepneumonia and tuberculosis were the main causes of death in the United States, since 1965, suicide and homicide have been among the top 15 causes of death in the country. And, in the 1980s, suicide and homicide reached epidemic proportions in the US among certain sections of the society, like minority groups and youth. Today, addressing and preventing violence has become part of the public health system.

Ways to Prevent Violence

It has been recognized that a multi-pronged approach is needed to address the root causes of violence. The causes of violence are very complex. Violence comes from many different social, economic and personal causes. So, any step taken to prevent violence from a public health perspective will require an approach that covers different aspects.

Here are some ways that violence can be prevented:

Within Families:

  • Understanding the dangers of weapons and how to prevent accidents
  • Speaking openly with family members about personal and financial costs of violence
  • Using methods to settle disputes peacefully, without resorting to any violent behavior
  • Understanding and practicing self-protection strategies
  • Keeping a watch on the kinds of entertainment children and impressionable youth hear and watch

 Within Neighborhoods:

  • Working with other parents to make neighborhoods safe for children
  • Having agreements with other parents when each parent should interfere in children’s quarrels, so that they do not turn violent
  • Taking an active role in programs, such as Neighborhood Watch and Block Clubs
  • Ensuring that schools have positive ways to help children expend their energies and utilize their time
  • Working with school authorities, police and civic groups to address issues, such as depression and addiction, that result in violence or violent behaviors

With Communities:

  • Providing safe and secure means to citizens to dispose unwanted weapons
  • Ensuring there are laws enforced to store weapons safely and to address weapons’ violence
  • Having outreach and mentoring programs to helps troubled families and youth
  • Providing resources and information to community members on how to resolve problems without resorting to violence
  • Providing the community with youth-focused and family oriented events and programs
  • Working with community groups to develop strategies and plans that deter violence

Violence cannot be addressed or prevented using a single approach. A multi-faceted approach is necessary to prevent violence and this approach should include individuals, families, communities, local governments, civic groups and law enforcement agencies if the community wants to root out violence. Education is always a beneficial resource, as well. And an online public health degree is a great place to start. Parents and neighbors have a responsibility towards their kids and by educating themselves and their kids on violence and its effects can go a long way in preventing violence in the society.

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How To Fight or Prevent Cancer With Diet

There is a lot of talk about how you can fight or prevent cancer. Recent study shows a certain type of anti-cancer diet can decrease the chances of suffering from this condition significantly. There are various ways which you can follow to improve your diet while staying healthy and fit.

There are lots of foods that can help your body fight or prevent your diet and enjoy this and many other health benefits. They have chemical compounds that can boost your level of protection. So, you might be shocked to know that most of these healthful foods are plant-based.

Some of the best anti-cancer foods are the dark leafy vegetables like spinach, vegetables from the cabbage family and tomatoes, asparagus and beans. Strawberries, raspberries, grapes and blueberries are well-known anti-cancer fruits. Strawberries and raspberries have chemical compounds known as ellagic acid, which helps you fight or prevent formation of tumor and slow tumor growth.

You must dismiss yourself form eating process meats like sausages, ham and ready meatballs for burgers because they have higher chances of stomach, colon and rectal cancer. Also, you must limit yourself from taking in large amount of sugar. This is very crucial since it can combine with the healthy foods in your anti-cancer diet and decrease their effect. Moreover, it triggers to gaining weight which a big risk for many kinds of cancer especially breast cancer.

Do you know that the way you cook your food plays an important in your health protection? For an instance, when you heat oils rich in saturated fats in the pan the chemical reaction and composition is changed and they can become carcinogenic. This process is similar with how you fry, grill and broil your foods. They can often lead to higher risk of cancer and that is why steaming and stewing methods are highly recommended for healthy cooking.

Drinking lots of water has long been proven as one of the best ways to fight in any kinds of diseases even cancer because it rinses the harmful toxins out of your body. However, consumption of alcohol can provoke the risk of certain types of cancer, so you need to learn that you must control you intake per day. On the other hand, there are other good beverages like the tomato and grape juices. Also, green tea is a popular and beneficial drink because it contains anti-cancer properties.

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High Addiction to Cell Phones can affect your Health

These days’ cell phones are becoming an important part of life. However, people are unaware of causes due to excessive usage of cell phone. This is the device that works on radiations which is harmful for the health. In recent times people have suffered from diseases which are incurable.

According to the survey the radiations coming from the mobile phone is able to change the brain cells which can cause cancer or tumour. However, it is not proved but still there are many health issues that people can suffer because of cell phone usage. If you are addicted to the mobile usage then you should reduce it. Your health can get affected if you ignore the tips mentioned in this article:

  1. If you keep your mobile under the pillow during sleep then you should avoid this. Keep your mobile at good distance or in almira when you are going to sleep.
  2. You need to avoid direct contact with your phone. If you use mobile for a longer time than you might get hearing problems. Your ears can get affected with the radiations produced from the phone.
  3. Nowadays people are using cell phones for commercial and social purpose. Because of such reason people are getting many calls every day. The work pressure is increased due to usage of cell phone. People are getting depressed due to work load so we can say excessive usage of mobile phone can create trouble for health.

Because of numerous reasons mobile phones are turned as a most valuable product. However, this device has increased plenty of health problems which should not be ignored. Experts say keeping mobile in pocket is also dangerous. If you keep the mobile on the upper pocket then the radiations will affect the heart valves which could lead a man to death.

Many people keep the mobile phone in lower pockets which can affect the body cells. Much usage and improper maintenance of mobile can cause big problems. People who are addicted to the mobile device should try the ways to reduce its usage. Keeping distance with mobile phone is the best way to keep you fit than known and unknown disease that occurs due to cell phones.

The major effect that is noticed in the recent period is electric shock with phones. You might get an electric shock if the device is not installed properly. If the battery of cell phone is over charged than there are chances that cell phone will get burst. Burst problem can cause big health issues for you. Many cases have been registered in regards to burst out due to default devices.

Today there are numerous causes of bad health like smoking. If you wish to give up smoking then you can start using e-cigs. There are many brands in e-cigs that you can use. The overview of electric cigarette brands can help you to select the best product. The electric cigarette is capable to reduce smoking tendency. Once you are satisfied with the quality of product you can buy it online.

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Young depressed people are cured by giving more work, no more drugs

Depression is not a mental illness

I do not know whether it is an attitude that is part of the “politically correct” galaxy, but I know that more and more it tends to medicalize troubles and events. Everyone must have a medical explanation, and it is a convenient shortcut to the solution: therapeutic.

Depression is particularly affecting women, but there is a male exception: among the depressed, there are 30 percent of young people, predominantly males. It’s not new. The alarm has been launched at least four or five times in the last few years (curiously, always in the summer: depress us under the umbrella), and the diagnosis is always the same: young people from 25 to 34 are depressed because they do not find work, or have a precarious job and underpaid.

It seems to me to be a justified depression, and wanting to be medicated by inserting it into the voices that draw the state of health of the country, it seems to me an unacceptable hypocrisy. Are unemployed people treated with tranquilizers, anxiolytics, and mood-modulators? Certainly, drugs can benefit from anxiety and insomnia that accompany depression, but they do not solve the problem of a generation that does not find its place in life.

Answers cannot be psychiatric and they must be politics. Those who rule must eventually take over the problem of youth unemployment, while one has to stop invoking how the economic crisis eludes. It is an emergency, and we must understand it to the bottom that it must become an absolute priority. If that is not the case, in less than twenty years there will be a whole population of “assisted”, as long as the booming welfare is still there, and the median band of income producers will be skipped, while the acme numeric of the elderly population.

I do not like to do Cassandra and I have never been a catastrophic party, but frankly, I would like to bring the sense of reality back to the youth talk. I am annoyed by the many useless words of sociological investigations; I no longer hold the round tables of experts who feel the ever-later conquest of the independence. It may be that for young people the difficulties come from being children of well-being, but they do not believe in the interpretation that wants them unable to sacrifice and work hard. When I read the many journalistic inquiries that tell how young people try to gain bread, I remain deeply bitter. In particular, it disturbed me months ago a reportage on how you work in one of the abandoned Amazon warehouses, where computer technology has reached the maximum of efficiency and efficiency: at inhumane pace, and immediately left home at the slightest objection. It is difficult to make sense of the future of young people in a world of work now robotized and computerized, where the human resource has more and more limited spaces. Perhaps you have to decide to work less but to work all.

Confidence in the potentiality of the degree has also gone down. So many graduates carry out unqualified jobs, and the only way out seems to have become emigration. If I do not remember badly, over 80,000 have gone abroad over the past year. Among them are physicians, engineers, computer scientists, and scientists. They found a good insertion; they are happy and will not return. It is absolutely necessary to reverse the trend, give young people space. In its small, the Foundation that brings my name chose to devote enthusiastically and energetically to financially support young researchers. It is a due act. Because young people are not depressed, they are abandoned.

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There is no shame in needing medication to handle your mental illness

medication to handle your mental illness

I have a bipolar type 1 disorder, the most severe form of bipolar syndrome. I was diagnosed almost ten years ago. It took me about three years to start taking the right drugs. During those three years, I had repeated episodes of mania and depression that led to three hospital admissions. But after getting started with the right cocktail of drugs, I got stabilized. At least, I have achieved the same stability as anyone with a severe mental disorder. Despite the five medicines I take for my mood disorder and anxiety, I still have to deal with the symptoms. Continue reading “There is no shame in needing medication to handle your mental illness”

Happy at work despite burnout? You can with these 4 rules

Happy at work despite burnout

Stressed and Happy: A Paradox? Scientific research and research daily warns of the side effects of stress, but from a recent statistic, it seems that some American office staffs have found their own way to happiness. Yes, theirs: the most stressed. To say it is the Staples Advantage Workplace Index, a product analyzing working conditions in more than 2600 offices in USA and Canada. How can you admit that you are both satisfied and stifled by your commitments? Continue reading “Happy at work despite burnout? You can with these 4 rules”

There are 8 different types of depression and care must be tailor-made

depression and care

No more depression, but depressions, as announced the title of a recent conference organized by the Italian Society of Psychiatry (Sip). The most commonly identified forms are 8, and we will list them, but it should be said that this diagnostic subdivision is part of the path towards which psychiatry is started: getting into precision medicine by tracking the oncology footprint. Each one its drug, identified as a priori the most effective. Continue reading “There are 8 different types of depression and care must be tailor-made”