These are the 4 FEARS of life and how to OVERCOME them!

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Fear is an emotion characterized by an intense sensation that provokes the perception of danger, whether real or supposed.

Undoubtedly, life is full of great challenges that often cause us to fear many things, so we chose to avoid them to keep us safe.

But, no matter how difficult it may be to overcome our fears, we must dare to leave them behind in order to enjoy how wonderful life is.

Next, in this article, we will show you the 4 most common fears in life and how to overcome them easily and effectively.

What you must do to overcome your fears

1.- Fear of scarcity.

Overcoming the fear of a shortage of opportunities or money is a difficult job for yourself. It is important to consider if you really deserve all that you so desire in your life since the feeling of the victim is a clear sign that fear has taken hold of you.

The word “thank you” will help you clarify the state of abundance you have because when we thank God or life for all that he has given us, we begin to be perceptible to everything we want in life.

2.- Fear of loneliness.

For this fear there are two possible options, one is that the ego makes you believe that you are alone and that you are attached to others in order to feel the protagonist in the lives of others.

The second option is that the spirit reminds you that you are part of a whole and that you are connected to the integrating energy of God manifesting in an inner light that you possess and that you must expand.

What happens with that inner light is that when you give strength you begin to look with the heart and you are aware that you are always accompanied by your inner being. In addition, you will understand that loneliness is a great opportunity to share time with yourself.

3.- Fear of the disease.

Sometimes the disease can be an imbalance of the state of consciousness because when you feel emotionally weak you lose inner strength.

Remember that you must always think positive of yourself, so you must reconcile with the past and forgive with the heart to fill it with peace, love, and joy.

4.- Fear of death.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that a couple of days ago you died and that you are in the cemetery visiting your own grave. Read more The 8 signals you should go from the analyst

When you look at your stone you read your name, your date of birth and death. Now think about what your relatives, friends or acquaintances would say about you: What did you fail many times in everything you did? What do you like that you have died?o How deeply do you feel your departure?

We must always remain true to ourselves, give love and generosity, make altruism, among many others that good things that are important in our lives and in the lives of others.

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