7 Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety that most people do not know exist!

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The home remedies are perfect for people who like naturist things, especially when we talk about health, in Canada 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health condition, according to studies. Most people will fall into cracks in a medical system that is not prepared to deal with stress and mood disorders, such as depression.

The doctors of “naturopathic” understand that the mind and the body are one and are jointly connected, science explains that for a long time the relationship between the digestion system and the state of mind has the name “gut-brain connection” and the connection between the mind, mental health and the immune system, establishes an entire field called “psychoneuroimmunology” inflammation in the brain and body. ”

We will teach you how to treat depression with home remedies

The stereotype of conventional health and mental health conditions are evaluated separately from the rest of the body, according to traditional medicine, depression is treated as a chemical imbalance in the brain. This is due to the belief of the deficiency of “happy” chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine, these hormones influence the mood of people, which do not work well when they resort to antidepressants. The treatments for depression and anxiety are mostly governed by the theory of having low levels of serotonin which explains depression, following this stereotype, drugs are prescribed to artificially change the levels of neurotransmitters of those who have depression problems.

How to overcome depression with home remedies?

We know that the relationship between the digestive system and the immune system linked to the state of mind and general functioning, it is essential to know how to properly feed the brains, improve digestion and balance inflammation, all this by taking measures proactive or home remedies that increase stress levels.

However, by aiding mental health disorders, you must first completely eradicate stigma and discrimination around mental health-depression, anxiety and other mood disorders such as weakness, as they are common signs that most people treat daily.Use a professional who listens to your case with attention and fully medicates you, not only drugs and diagnosing what you suffer or talking about the symptoms you present, but also connects with you personally, the following home remedies are quite effective for depression and all mental health condition.

7 efficient home remedies against depression

1. Cure of the intestine: Studies with the passage of time have shown that the digestive system is like a second brain because it has something called “whole nervous system” because it collects millions of nerve cells that control digestive function able to communicate with the brain. It is through this connection that it has been demonstrated through research that the irritation of the digestive system, bacterial growth and intestinal inflammation cause changes in the state of mind.

2. Essential Nutrients and Proper Nutrition: When the body does not contain the building blocks vital for the construction of hormones and neurotransmitters, it will not, while the SSRI medication helps you to maintain high brain serotonin levels, reducing vitamins and minerals responsible for the production of serotonin, it is for them that it is very important to supplement these medicines with quality marks and adequate doses of vitamin b6, folly and b12, also magnesium and without so guaranteeing a correct protein spawn, suitable for treatment in conditions of mood and mental health

3. Fish oil: Fish oils are highly recommended in the treatment of low mood, Even in patients recently diagnosed with depressive disorders, this is because the brain needs EPA and DHA fatty acids, which are contained in fish. These fatty acids are vital because they have anti-inflammatory properties. Some research has shown that depression is related to reduced levels of brain inflammation.

4. Healing of the adrenal glands: Depression can represent an adaptation to stress, according to evolutionary biology, as a result of survival and ability to transmit genes. About 70% of the population identifies stress significantly, for this cognitive behavioral therapy, which works on the change of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that generate low mood, in fact, is one of the main methods therapeutic to remedy depression and is confirmed by various studies.

5. Mindfulness: It is a method that arises from the Buddhist practice of meditation, also known as “mindfulness”, it is one of the completely effective home remedies to treat depression and any upheaval of the state of mind as well as the serious future relapses of the cheer up. This practice aims to perform introspections, that is, look inward without prejudice in the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes produced by the body, also has breathing techniques to relax, practice every day will make your Attention awareness and presentation skills are mostly cultivated. Read more 7 natural remedies for depression

6. Body-mind medicine: Among the other home remedies mentioned above, this involves working the energetic healing forces of the body to remove all obstacles and thus heal and ensure the smooth flow of energy in the body. A study was done by the “Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine” revealed that both acupuncture and medication are effective in reducing depression in weeks, thanks to the fact that mind-body medicine works by constituting your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations so that get more awareness about yourself, it will also provide powerful tools to cope with stress.

7. Counseling: It is among the ideal home remedies and preferred by many to solve depression and other mood disorders, so that counseling and medication as a whole, is better than individual medication.

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