Depression is not a mental illness?

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It’s physical!

I have decided to spread this short article because it irritates me the many commonplace and prejudices about depression, what it is and who it hits. I want to start with a simple question.

What is the difference between depression and food poisoning?

I’ll tell you.

With an intoxication, you can ask for a day of illness at work and your boss will give you one or two days without asking questions. Have you ever tried to do the same with depression? I bet that most of you did not do it, especially since you already know that your boss will not believe you, let alone whether he can agree. So you invoke a “real” disease, something that everyone can recognize.

We want to talk about when your friends ask you how are you? With food poisoning you can say openly what does not go and you will have them to understand. Tell them that you feel it in pieces and you will probably get a “Well, up with your life. It cannot be so serious.”

At this point I take pictures of him in the face.

Media is doing their best to describe any form of mental illness in a positive light. They explain that depression, anxiety, addiction and anything related to these three disorders are now “legitimate” diseases that deserve the same respect and attention as physical illness.

The brain is an extremely important part of the body.

If we continue to treat a headache like something other than the rest of the body, it will never have the same level of attention given to other disorders.

Unless you have tried it, you will never understand.

How many of you have a queue? You know, like a monkey. If you do not have it (I hope so for everyone) can you imagine what it’s like to grab a branch or swing back and forth? Impossible, right?

We do not have a queue, so it’s not surprising.

Depression is similar. If it is something you have never experienced, you can strive to understand how much you want, but you will never know how it feels.

Have you had a bad day? No, that’s not depression.

Are you down why that girl (or that guy) just rejected your advances? No, not even that is depression. Have you been in a bad mood for a week because your team lost the final? No, it’s not depression.

It is not simply a mood change due to a trivial event of life. If your whole world is slowly changing because of what’s going on in your mind then you might be depressed. If these thoughts remain fixed there for several weeks or months, you may be depressed.

There is a big difference between feeling a little down and suffering from depression. And here I go to the next point.

You can not simply “React” or “Pull yourself up”.

Depression is like trying to run into the water while someone tells you to do it as if you were on the ground. It’s impossible. You can tighten your teeth and try to give you a boost, but eventually the water density will prevent you from moving fast.

When depression keeps you tight, life becomes like water. The air around you becomes water, pushes you with its volume and even the simplest task becomes difficult. You feel apathetic, both mentally and physically, and nothing can shake you.

You are trapped in your own prison and true access to your mind is hidden behind that closed door. Sometimes you are allowed to go out to lower your legs, but you know it is only temporary. In the end you have to go back to the cell and wait patiently for the moment when you will be given the opportunity to behave like any member of the company.

You have no choice. All you can do is take advantage of positive days and try to minimize the effect of negative ones.

That’s what I want you to do.

If you have never experienced any form of depression, anxiety or addiction, share this article on social. Our life will be less stressful and a bit simpler if people have a greater understanding of the problem.

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